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Winner of the inaugural New Rivers Press Electronic Book Series Competition

“Peter Fong’s novel of trouble in paradise is vivid, deft, and absorbing from the get-go. The bluest water has its sharks, and Fong knows where they lurk.” —Deirdre McNamer, author of Red Rover, My Russian, One Sweet Quarrel, and Rima in the Weeds


“A tense and gripping romance simmering in a South Florida pressure cooker of infertility, infidelity, burned out fishing guides, faded football players, and the unsavory back paddocks of for-profit horse racing.” —James R. Babb, editor of Gray’s Sporting Journal


"Wow. Once we started reading we couldn't put it down! It's a great story . . . about love, and choices, and – for anyone not here at the time – a vivid chronicle of life in South Florida in the mid to late 1990s."—Dawne Richards, editor of Pompano Today

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